LED Solar Light - EE-S122-15W

EE-S122-15W Single Arm or EE-T121-15W Twin Arm, equipped with 15 Watts Rectangular Luminaries is a Low Voltage, Safe & Reliable Solar LED Lighting System.

It is able to operate under extreme weather conditions. Off Grid Stand alone design - no trenching, no ground wiring, no remote controller, no external power needed. They are both able to operate under extreme weather conditions. Our Solar LED Lighting Systems like the EE-S122-15W and EE-T122-15W models are Green, Energy Saving & Cost Effective outdoor lighting solution. Application such as Parks, Parking Lots, Pathways, Rural Area where grid power is not easily available etc.

Product Features & Benefits

Efficient Solar Panel
UL, TUV certification Monocrystal-40w to 120W, expected life of 20 years,
♦ Cover is made from ultra white glass; total sun transmission can reach as high as 91.42%
♦ Monocrystalline silicon solar cells reach efficiency at 16%-17%, which is more efficient than photoelectric conversion.
♦ Solar panel has been preset for California or adjustable to designated latitude.
♦ 360 degrees adjustable azimuth angle.

Self-Contained Design Power House
♦ Batteries and system controller are housed in a Weather proof; Dust proof; Anti-thief; hopper window for thermal ventilation.
♦ Housing is made of hot dip galvanized high quality steel, anti-corrosion powder coated.
♦ Top housing design avoid vandalism and dusty environment; provides efficient thermal management.

Less Obstructive Design
♦ Batteries housing is placed under the small foot print solar panel made the light pole less obstructive compare to other light pole out in the market.

Stand Alone Design, Environmentally sound
♦ Off-grid pole eliminates polluting power from grid.
♦ No trenching, no ground wiring save time and energy.

Smart Controller
♦ Polarity reverse protection for load output.
♦ 3-stage charging pattern to prevent overcharging; low voltage disconnect and reconnect to prevent over discharge.
♦ Built-in automatic temperature compensation.

Product Description

Lead-acid- 12v/85Ah , Maintenance–free battery life up to 5 years
Normal condition: Lead-acid high performance and free maintenance battery.
Low temperature condition: use colloid storage battery if the temperature is lower than 5 º F
High temperature condition: Use Ni-Cd battery if the temperature is always more than 113 º F

Solar Controller & Driver
Perfect Protect Functions: Load short circuit; reverse discharge protection; polarity reverse protection; lightning strike protection. Automatic anti-reverse protection, short circuit open circuit protection. Anti-overcharge and over discharge, light control when the control settings, automatic temperature compensation.

Power Control Mode
The half-power output control, lighting time can be set through the controller itself. Full power light source output during heavy pedestrian traffic; and a half power light source output during less pedestrian traffic. More energy efficient, lighting last longer.

Recharge Discharge Protection
Energy saving model: It can separately enact three ranges of the power to the main and sub light, which saves energy. Accurate constant current output: ensuring the best efficiency of LED light, reducing light decay and extending lamp life.

LED Luminaire
12V LED with raw lumens output. Color Temperature: cold blue 4500k to 6000k. Super-bright LED provides more than 30,000 hours of life (e.g. 10 hours/day, 8 years of life). Elite Energies™ Solar Light systems work on approximately up to 7 days of bad weather based on working conditions and other on variable factors^.

Depends on applications, two types of poles configuration to choose from. Flat to ground mostly for Roads, Parks etc. 32" above ground for Parking Lots, Pathway etc. Poles options available for both Single and Twin Arm Assembly.

Luminaires Distribution POLE OPTIONS
Vertical Lamp, Semi-Cutoff
LUMINAIR DISTRIBUTION TYPE FLAT TO GROUND (Ground Foundation) 32" ABOVE GROUND (Raised Concrete Foundation)
IES TYPE VR Rectangle Shape Semi-cutoff 13' 10'6"
11'6" 1350 26 GRP = Gray Paint BLK = Black Paint
* LUX is one lumen/sq meter; one foot candle ~ 10.764 LUX
^ Variable factors such as Weather Condition, Obstruction to Solar panel etc.

15W 11' ~ 13' 50' ~ 70' 20' Single Lane DOUBLE ROW SYMMETRY 14 ~ 18 LUX 24 ~ 28 LUX

Overall Height 16'7" Solar Panel 24.20
Lamp to Ground 13' Solar Panel Support 10.03
Material Hot dip galvanized high quality steel pole, anti-rusted powder coated Battery 45.00
Solar Panel 40W / 120 W, Life expectance about 20 years Battery Box 19.80
Solar Cells Monocrystaline silicon solar cells, efficiency at 16% to 17% Lamp Head & Lamp Head Connectors 26.70
Solar Cells Cover Ultra white glass, total sun transmission as high as 91.42% Pole 200.20
Light Source 15W LED / 2 x 15W LED Super-bright
Color Temperature 4500k to 6000k
LED Lamp Life More than 30,000 hours
Battery 12V / 85AH, Lead-acid, maintenance-free up to 5 years
Controller 10Am, 12 ~ 18 Volts, Half Power Control System
Working Temperature -22 ºF ~ 167 ºF (working condition)
Relative Humidity 0 to 100 % (working condition)
Max. Wind Speed > 80 mph