Business Overview

Elite Energies, Inc. is the holding company incorporated at Delaware and has a California subsidiary Elite Renewable Energies Technology, Inc. (ERET) as the operation arm which is wholly owned by the Company. To expedite the growth process, ERET has invested into a wholesale distribution operator called Quality Green Building Supplies, Inc. ("QGBS"). QGBS was established in July 2009 and currently operates as a green building materials wholesaler in the San Francisco Bay Area. ERET currently owns a majority equity interest of QGBS.

Under QGBS, it has a marketing division Elite Designers Outlet (EDO) which sells and marketing commercial and industrial products that inflict minimum and no harm to the environment. EDO focuses on conducting a broad base of activities and products such as selling solar lighting systems, energy saving lightings such as LEDs and green building material such as bamboo flooring, engineered wood flooring. EDO is also acting as a licensor to recruiting entrepreneurs to participate on our EDO program as licensees, This program will enable our purchasing power and a nationwide marketing strategy.

On June 7, 2011, the Company established a wholly-owned Hong Kong subsidiary, Elite Energies International Limited ("EEIL"), to operate and manage all the Company's potential operations in Hong Kong and Chinese markets.